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About Us

Lindsay and Juliette Darling ClementineThe Darling that inspired Darling Clementine is owner Lindsay’s daughter Juliette, whose sweet stylish ways have led Lindsay all over searching for special, one of a kind items to fill up her little world. Lindsay has searched high and low to curate the inspired collection of children’s wares that is Darling Clementine. The shop consists of many brands found in her own Brooklyn backyard as well as hand picked items from around the world. 

When choosing Darling Clementine's vendors, Lindsay has strived to maintain an ethical and social basis for choosing vendors, often selecting them not only for their darling styles but their attitude towards the environment, their community and humanity.

The collection of playthings, books, skincare, home care, decor and clothing will be ever changing as new brands are discovered and current brands move into new designs and offerings.

The core of Darling Clementine will always remain to outfit our littlest ones as we would see fit to outfit ourselves, comfy, clean and modern and of course darling.  


Darling Clementine launched in November 2011