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Charley Harper Colors - Skinny Edition

Charley Harper Colors - Skinny Edition
Brand:  Ammo Books
Price: $9.95


Skinny Edition (Board Book)


The newest edition to our line of CHARLEY HARPER board books is CHARLEY HARPER COLORS. This lovely book helps youngsters identify colors through vivid illustrations that capture their imagination. Early readers can also recognize the written names of the colors, as each one is spelled out in its corresponding color.

Charley Harper’s bold and simple illustrations will engage the young toddler’s imaginations. Featuring some of Harper’s classic birds and including other rare images, this book is a visual treat. This charming board book is the same size as the CHARLEY HARPER ABCs, and 123s books; making them a perfect trio and a classic starter set of books.

Photo Credit: Charley Harper Colors © 2011 The Estate of Charley Harper/
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